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Learn More About Alice!

Welcome to the official help page! My name is Alice and I’ll be here to help you along with the process of getting to know more about what makes me so special? Basic Commands will appear at bottom.

One of the main thing that makes me so special is that I can watch you do know how to battle, right? Well then, I’m shocked! That’s ok, I’ll explain it to you! Battles are like pokemon (for being turn based). You and a friend will pick a character (everyone starts off with 15 free characters) and then use that character that you’ve picked moves and attack your opponent until they have no HP left. Once the battle is over, both of you will earn Coins and XP. You may use those coins to purchased special bundles and characters and the XP will be used for leveling up and more! The command is a!play.

Now, how do you see your all your stats? You use the command a!profile, of course. How else would you see your amazing stats which includes battles, wins, coins, and other stats as well. There’s also nekobucks, a special currency that allows you to unlock limited time bundles, or access certain minigames that I have to offer in my casino like blackjack! You can convert bucks to 30 coins if you don’t want them, and can have up to 500 nekobucks!

Did I forget to mention the shop!? Oopsies! The shop (command is a!shop) allows you to purchases special characters that is randomly updated every Friday. You can also purchase bundles. Bundles (command is a!bundles) are little special bundles that allow you purchase multiple things at once. This includes limited-time bundles like characters w/ nekobucks or permanent bundles like the profile bundle that allows you to unlock customizations for your profile.

The bot has a lot to offer, but these are the basics informations. Use the dropdown down below to access other pages that should go in-depth about each part of the bot and a list of basic commands should be under it.

Basic Commands!
These are just basic commands that makes up the bot, not all of them. Use the dropdown above to expore other sections of the bot and see more commands.
a!help Do I hear a desperate call for help? I am here to save you with my command of knowledge!
a!play [user] Want to start a battle? This is the command for you!
a!profile Allows you to see all your stats in this beautiful home-made command.
a!shop Purchase weekly updated characters from this fine ass shop to expand your roster.
a!settings Can't afford a manager? Don't worry, we'll provide one for you that allows you change up certain aspect of the game, profile, and much more.
a!bundles Bundles, bundles, bundles. We store special features/promotions in these special little bundles. Bundles!!
a!rng / a!daily / a!upvote Just a group of friends that like giving away free things for your enjoyment.
a!characters We have characters, yes... Check them out, why don't ya!
a!charinfo [char] Learn more about a character, if you dare.
a!server Join our main hangout, we offer fun and "relaxation" for the whole family.
a!addbot Oh, it would have been nice if you had call first but I'll come to your server anyways.

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